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Just Falafel Introduces New Organic Salads and Menu Items

Diners will now discover three delicious new organic salads on Just Falafel’s menu:  Organic green salad, Organic herb & ricotta salad and Organic Quinoa salad. All salads are prepared with locally-sourced organic items from Greenheart Organic Farms to fully integrate regional flavours, and support the local farm industry.

Earlier this year, Just Falafel introduced ‘superfoods’ ingredients including chia seeds – and now Quinoa, which are now a mainstay on their menu. 

Offering the biggest sandwich on the menu, the ‘Burrito’ makes a debut appearance on Just Falafel’s internationally-flavoured menu. Stuffed full with fresh ingredients including falafel, rice, red kidney beans, vegetables and cheese, the Burrito transforms Mexico’s most famed dish into a vegetarian-friendly meal – wrapped up in a hearty tortilla. As with every sandwich, the ‘Burrito’ can be swapped to include baked falafel and whole wheat bread. What’s more new ‘swap’ options include hummus or side salads in place of fries, rounding off a healthy meal.

Other fun menu items are a new variation of the falafel, which can be stuffed in a choice of three mouthwatering flavours: Caramelised Onion, Mozzarella and Cheddar & Jalapeno, Eaten as an appetizer or a meal, Just Falafel’s ‘stuffed falafels’ bring an added burst of flavour with every bite. Expanding their beverage options, Just Falafel also now offers Orange and Mango juice, freshly made in-house.

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