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Meetings are sometimes held around conference ...

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I do not understand why successful businessmen never make their meetings on time or have the courtesy to inform people that they are running late.

For those in technology and know me, know that I work with an event organiser that hosts several conferences around the EMEA - two of which I work on. Because of the system that is set up at the back end, all the delegates have a very tight agenda. Its based on invitation only, so we're pretty sure of who we're inviting.

At every stage - the team make phone calls. 

Step one: RSVP to the invitation, fill in all the information

Step two: Get your invitation letter. This is especially fraught with problems for the Middle East region. They are notorious for leaving things a bit too late to get visas sorted out. Then they are surprised they cannot travel or use it as an excuse to back out of a commitment. We don't own the consulates or immigration departments. The countries have their own sovereign rules. You are a businessman. Especially surprising, when some of them do it EVERY year. No matter how many times we call them. 

Step three: Please respond to meeting requests. This is a no-brainer. You are here for business and we are helping to set up your meetings so that you can plan your conference. I don't know of any other conference organiser that is as focused on adding value to the delegates.

Step Four: This is not a holiday. Its business. YOU set up the meetings. We have tight schedules. Please keep them. Its courtesy. There are people who have planned their day based on your response - the least you can do is show up. 

Its very simple. If you want to have a longer follow up meeting, then schedule something for later - don't stand up your next meeting. Its bad manners.

Time is precious for everyone and if you're running your own business, its money. So answer those phones, or depute someone to do so. An please stay with your schedule. You're a grown up. 

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