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I've had it with Banks

You would think that at an age when Banks want us to do business with them that they would try not to piss you off.

I have a (don't get me started on this) Diners Club corporate card and its of no use to man or beast these days. People look at you funny when you say you have one of them and so we decided to cancel it. Made the payment and have been trying to cancel it since then. But every few days we get a call to say something is pending and we get bounced around between "customer service" (read pimply-faced robot that reads from a script sheet) and the collections department that does not speak to the guy that issues a receipt that says we have paid.

My admin guy has the patience of a saint some times. I would have made a lot more noise by now. They say that shouting doesn't help then why do they go away and make things happen when you shout?

Today they sent me a new card - I don't understand it. We have written, letters, faxed receipt copies, phoned, personal meeting. HELLO IS THERE ANYONE IN NETWORK INTERNATIONAL LISTENING? I DON'T WANT YOUR CARD.

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