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Its a nightmare

I get that finding a job is hard but so is finding the right candidate. Its like people see what they want to see or apply for a position that they think might work.
As a small business, this is even harder because you have to recruit and manage your HR yourself within limited budgets. I have tried online systems and the last time I used LinkedIn - I had reasonable success so I tried using them again this time around. Its a nightmare.
If I had the time I would have replied to every applicant that did not fit the criteria in any way and ask them to really tell me how they fit in with:
  • Entry level position (most of the applicants touted their extensive senior level experience)
  • PR related job (I have people applying from the financial sector, real estate, engineering, that have been nowhere near communications or PR)))
  • Based in the UAE (I have people applying from all over the world - which is fine if you are based in the UAE and can meet me now)

I have yet to come across an agency or a service that helps resolve this without costing small businesses an arm and a leg. Which brings me to the online services which are more affordable for us but their system really don't help. We spend more time sifting through futile applications to glean the .1% matches. Surely some clever clogs out there can come up with an algorithm that works more often than not. If you know of one - point me in the right direction.

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