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Isn’t hospitality all about service?

I was in Barcelona recently for a conference and stayed in the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos. An average business hotel – poky rooms but then I've noticed that about the rooms in a lot of the average hotels around Europe. However, the service was mixed. While the reception staff were very helpful and went the extra mile, I was in the restaurant one early morning for breakfast and wanted some coffee. I could not catch the attention of the waiter, I saw a lady with a name tag move past and thought she might be the manager perhaps (judging by the 'uniform' and the familiarity with the staff) so I asked her if she could help.

She haughtily replied, "I am not a waiter." And promptly moved away. Um, I knew that or at least guessed that but thought she might get the waiter's attention and direct him since I was the guest. No such luck. Suffice to say, we eventually got some coffee (and very good it was too).

If this had been a hotel in Dubai or UAE for that matter, that person – no matter what level – would have at least made sure that they sent over the waiter to help me.

To me – that is real hospitality!

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