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I'm not a racist, just a snob!

I think people's definitions of racism needs to change. It is not just about colour and nationality anymore. Especially in places like Dubai, it is more about where you stay, how you dress, the car you drive, where you party, how you speak, what you say. This is my definition.

If you have been drawn to someone who is well-spoken with a more polished accent, rather than someone who nods his/her head and understands very little because he/she cannot understand your accent or you theirs, then you are a racist.

If you have reacted with arrogance because you think the other person may be racist, then you are too.

If you have frequented some outlets because they are frequented by certain types more than others, then you are racist.

If you have looked down your nose at people that shop in certain areas because you would not be seen dead in them, then you are a racist.

If your prices have gone up because the other person appears to have more money (doesn't necessarily mean they have), then you are a racist.

Or is that snobbery? or classism?

For years I have side-stepped this issue. Not that I am really clever or rich, but I did not see the point of hob-nobbing with people just because they were from my country of origin or that I worked with or were introduced by someone who thought I needed friends. If I have nothing in common or cannot communicate, then what is the point.

Which would probably explain the small circle of friends!

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