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I’m a terrible packer

Wet wipe (2 Thai models)

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I think I’ve blogged about this before but I am a terrible packer. This trip is worse because we have to prepare for temperatures ranging from 25oC to below zero when we reach the 5000m heights. All this compounded by the fact that I also moved house in the same week!


I thought I would be clever and get a head-start and pack ahead so that in case I wasn’t able to unpack in the new house, at least I would be ready for the trip. Nice idea if you can follow through. But as I unpacked in the new house, I found a few things that I had forgotten I needed. So they kept piling up on the already packed back pack. I usually make lists but kept remembering things that I needed to get for the trip and never had a pen or paper to write them down. Why I never added them to the notes on my phone – I’ll never know. Talk about hindsight.

So I had to do a bit of shopping and repacking at 11 at night before I fly out, making notes of stuff I forgot like wet wipes (got to pick them up in KTM).

Writing this as I sit in the plane on the way, I am compiling lists of stuff to buy and how to re-pack before the trip in addition to sorting out mobile and internet for the trip so that I could tweet and blog a little more often between places.

What are the chances I’ll forget a few things again until I reach Lhasa. Where did I put that phone?


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Its a nightmare

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