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How not to apply for a job

Okay I am on a roll with this Posterous thingy.

Today my rant is about email applications. I understand that there are many out there that are a bit desperate to get a job but perhaps before you press that send button, think about who you're sending it to and what you're sending them.

I get flooded with CVs and here is why I delete most of them.

  • The ones that apply for "any job available" - it tells me that you don't know what you want in life and you're interested only in a job, not a career. Its a shot in the dark. Mine is a small business and every team member counts. I don't want short term employees that are lured away easily or have no focus
  • The ones that are not relevant and have nothing to do with my industry - If you found my email address, then you at least went to my web site or found it on the Internet somewhere. Why don't you spend a teeny weeny time to see what I do before you hit the send button. What am I going to do with IT guys and software techs?
  • The ones that don't bother with any information in the covering email or mass mail (obviously i.e not using the BCC) - You're sending a CV to someone in communications industry - communicate. Tell me who you are. If you can't be bothered neither can I. Oh and adding my name to a list of others in the "to" section isn't earning you any brownie points either.

While I don't have any jobs going right away, when I do receive a decent CV or a well thought out email, I take the time to at least send a message thanking them.

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