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Hospitality in its true sense

A banquet setup.

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For the past seven years, my clients, Distree Events have been hosting a regional event for the technology retail sector at the Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort. There are many challenges - hosting an event in the middle of nowhere but one thing alone make it worthwhile and I cannot recommend the Le Meridien team enough for the service they offer us.

The team under the very able management of Patrick Antaki and T.G. Raman are an amazingly hardworking, organised team that give hospitality a whole new meaning. Of course by now they know EXACTLY what we are looking for, from food to the layout to services. They anticipate our needs sometimes before we've realised we need it.
Last evening was a organisers' nightmare. Or could have been. We have a giant marquee where the general sessions are held. But the wind picked up to close on cyclone levels and the whole tent shuddered through some of the presentations. Until one section fell in - fortunately no one was injured. Everyone was evacuated. Unfortunately that was going to be our venue for the awards.
The Banquet team found an alternative solutions (they could not use the ballroom because we use that for the conference too) and set up the new venue  in the space of an hour.
All I can say - if you want a taste of true hospitality, professionalism and organisation, you should consider coming out to Le Meridien. Feel free to say I sent you.

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