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Hope I never learn this lesson

I should have learnt my lesson by now but I haven't yet - I go on girlie nights with my friend Carol especially one of those when we have not sat on our own for a long natter in a while - and we end up making outrageous plans. But usually good fun (though they involve a lot of preparation) and it always involves travel and most times, a lot of wine and champagne!! This time I have said I will join her in planning and walking up to Everest Base Camp for charity end of next year (2008) or early 2009. Yikes!!

The first time we had one of those girlie nights that resulted in lots of preparation and travel was planning a trip around her wedding. My first trip to UK. We covered Bath, a drive through the Wye valley to get to West Kirby, some small fishing lake in Wales, Canarvan (I hope I spelt that right - my apologies to the Welsh) Castle, a small very alcoholic holiday weekend in Yorkshire with friends, Cambridge, London and back to West Kirby (for the wedding) and back again to London. Good food, great company, loads of laughs, unbelievably gorgeous countryside and weather.

We have had a few other smaller plans - camping, fishing, Salalah, etc etc

The next big one was after both of us had quit smoking, started on health and fitness kicks and Carol had just come back from a Gulf for Good trip to Thailand. I had been muttering about doing something spectacular to celebrate my 50th and it had to involve Africa and Killimanjaro. Planes and Balloons were involved. But after a tryst with Carol, some Carringtons and a very nice Cabernet, I said I would trek up the mountain. Fortunately I had given myself a whole year to prepare for this. Her punishment - she had to keep me company. She did. It was scary and I only made it to 4700m (could go no further because of a tummy bug - silly thing to do: rinsing with "washing up water"). But I am glad I agreed to do it and still feel quite elated about making it to where I did anyway.

So now I have 18 months to get back in shape and walk up to Everest Base Camp - longer trips, colder climates, can't wait!!

Note to self: I must remember to maintain long gaps between these girlie nights.

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