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Honesty – not always the best policy

I was shown an "interesting" CV this morning. Don't know what job this lady was applying for but her CV is brutally honest.

If her CV is anything to be go by, she is quite proud to have started her career as a professional escort having completed a course on the Kama Sutra in Thailand! Having held jobs in modeling agencies, lap dancing in nightclubs as well as worked in a "legal brothel" – she also lists her less exotic employments options in the insurance industry that she seems to have been trying to move into. She has left all these jobs because of "unwanted sexual harassment", "personal issues".

I do feel a bit sorry for her – she seems to be trying to change careers. I have one piece of advice, lady – if you want to be taken seriously – don't flaunt your exotica in people's faces. Your employers are only human.

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