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Gratitude for 2015

Gratitude for 2015


Warning: This could be a long post. Like most people, I too look forward to the New Year and, like most, I am also, almost always, happy to see the back of the old year. And, for most that know me, I should be particularly grateful to see the back of 2015 since I lost a good friend at the end of it and my New Year's eve was spent suffering from a rather sapping lurgy (Google it or check out the link).

But this year, albeit 3 days on, I am going to take stock of the good things that have happened and what I am grateful for. Starting with the good friend I lost; I had him for most of the year dispersing his advice, making me laugh, for listening to me, for entertaining always.

I am grateful for my immediate family here in Dubai - my brother, Bish, and sister-in-law, Wasila, who are my companions, my support structure and there for me whenever I need anything. We are not just family but good friends too. Love sharing things with them. And so glad they are here. Thank you.

I'm grateful for my grandson, Yojit, for being the source of constant joy in my life. I never really had time to think about being a grandma till my son, Partha, and daughter-in-law, Dhan, got thrust back in my life almost 5 years ago and foisted grandmotherhood. But one look at his face and toothless grin, and I was lost. He is constantly teaching me new things in life. His imagination and his mastery of words (I kid you not - this 4-year-old has a serious vocabulary) takes you down lateral worlds that changes your perspectives forever. I am a little less judgemental, a little less racist because I find his genuine acceptance of anyone and everyone quite charming and infectious. So thank you, love of my life, and thank you, Dhan, for bringing you and your family into my life.

I'm blessed by my extended family of cousins, especially my cousins on my father's side. I reconnected with them slowly and surely over Facebook but, more importantly, have been catching up and meeting a lot of them as adults and what wonderful legacies our fathers and their siblings have left us. Magical, fun, generous people that I am so happy to call my cousins and so looking forward to reconnecting with some of you that are making the effort to travel up to Leh this year to celebrate my 60th. I love you all. Stay happy, healthy and funny and please continue to stay in touch for as long as possible.

I'm thankful for Susan and Jonathan Castle for being fabulous, generous, fun friends and for leading me astray. Everyone should have you in their lives.

My friends and community family here in UAE, social media and around especially those that have made it to my Real Life Heroes segment. Some of you I have got a lot closer with personal and social media interactions, enough to call you friends and am so grateful that you are in my life. There are too many of you to name individually but I love you all and thank you for sharing bits of your life and sharing mine, for your encouragement and helping hand, when I have needed it.

And last but not least, to my old school friends now reconnected after 42+ years on Whatsapp (isn't technology amazing) - thank you for making me feel 18 again; for being there, for not being judgemental, for sharing and caring. I am looking forward to the trip to Jamshedpur to reconnect with you in March and wish some or all of you were coming to Leh in July. And I look forward to growing old together.

To everyone who has touched my life, from work to play, including all these wonderful people, thank you all for bringing me joy, a few tears, helping me through good times and bad. Stay happy, healthy, quirky, fun and have a fabulous 2016, so we can do a lot more of it again and no more promises we can't keep.

Happy New Year.

A touch of purple

A touch of purple

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