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Granny mobile

Renault Mégane I have been meaning to post about my new car since I got it in August this year. I'm NOT a petrol head but I do love driving and like my cars.


The decision to go with the Renault Megane was based on two very key factors: 2 free return airline tickets to Paris along with 2000 Dirhams spending money and built-in Bluetooth technology. The original reason for the change of car (from Z4) was so my grandson could travel with me. But I am happy with my decision for more than one reason.


Its a reasonably smooth drive. It doesn't have the zing and the pick up of the Z4 and it took a little getting-used-to. But its very convenient. I can now use my travel time to return phone calls etc so all of my time is well managed. I have neat holders and storage so I don't have spills and can have my morning coffee too.


I have just had my first 10K service and I have to say the the service centre was a revelation. Not only did they keep the appointment, but they delivered on time and even gave you a taxi coupon so you're not inconvenienced.

Personally, I will recommend Arabian Automobiles and most definitely Renault.

And my grandson loves the view from the back seat...


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