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Geekfest Dubai

Okay. Twitterville in UAE has been agog with its first #geekfest lately. It was a lovely evening. It was amazing to see how the word "geek", once a dirty slur, now seen as cool thanks to a technology generation, made these online social butterflies so at ease.

They talked, laughed, drank and walked up to complete strangers all because they had "met" on Twitter, Facebook or followed a blog. For me, I met "Grumpy Goat" for the first time - he has an interesting blog. Shame "Halfmanhalfbeer" or "Wildpeeta" - two more favourites - weren't but then one was on leave and the other dealing with his bureaucratic nightmare. I know because they told me on Twitter.

Of course I caught up AlexanderMcnabb - Mr. Brown Owl to all of us geeks - among others I had been tweeting with and met with a few others.

While chatting with a few of these fellow geeks, we decided that there were levels of geekiness. We decided that geeks were tech-savvy very cool people that others went to for help or to share ideas with. Approachable, quite social but definitely tech-savvy and happy to try every (or most) things techie at least once. Opinionated but open to new ideas or other opinions.

One level lower is the nerd. Almost the same level or perhaps more tech-savvy but very snobby about us geeks (the likes of Abbas of T-break, or Magnus of Shuffle - no offence gentlemen), some social skills etc etc. You get the drift. They stayed away because we were "not geeky enough" by their standards. So true.

The lowest level is the dork. Technology is his/her life and the thought of coming out in the open, meeting real people send shivers down their spine. Anyone or anything that does not go "pzzt" or work in 1s and 0s - don't count. They stayed home of course.

I don't know about you but I think its fun to be a geek - today. Can't wait for the next one.

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