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Fresh out of geek? Nope!

Fresh out of geek? Nope!


This article was written for and first published in Absolute Geeks [embed][/embed]

I am a geek. Just putting it out there in case you were not aware.

I work with a lot of Tech companies – mostly in B2B tech (you know, the kind that makes everything go fizz bang in your office without you knowing how or why). But my love of gadgets means that I keep track of new stuff by hobnobbing with other geeks (including my son) and working with one company, DISTREE Events that bring me in contact with some of the coolest technology.

In their Fresh program this year, as always there were some cool tech (will give you links to all the others) but here’s what stood out for me.

My top three (in that order):

PlastC: Love the idea of it. Not sure how the security would work but the idea of having one card that replaces ALL my cards, whether they are bank or loyalty cards is a great idea. Apparently this card also pings you through an app if you have forgotten the card (I am assuming if you are further than a few meters from the card). It’s not launched but they should in a few months when they have all their operations up and running. But I’ve signed up for a prototype.

Singlecue: I don’t know about you but I have at least three remote controls on the table in my living room. I know there is such a thing as a master remote but this goes a step further – it’s a remote wireless controller that works on gestures. Yes, that’s right – you don’t have to move a muscle. For lazy geeks addicted to TV (like me), that is a fabulous answer to our prayers. These guys are also in the pre-launch stage.

Kito: Manufactured by a company called Azoi, Kito (apparently they were called Wello) is a health tracker i.e. it monitors your health. It’s an iPhone skin or as a separate gadget for Android and other phones and it basically monitors your vital statistics like blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, etc. Quite useful if you have little ones around so you can keep track of their health. Quite a cool addition to your gadgets in an era when we are all very aware of the benefits of good health in more ways than one.

Others that caught my eye

Prynt: I have often wished that there were some photographs (including ones that others have shared on Instagram or Facebook) that I would like printed so I could put in a frame. Well now, we can. Straight from the phone. At the moment, it’s just for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy (select ones) but they are hoping to extend to other smartphones. What is even cooler is not just that you can print a photo, but you can also print a photo with an embedded video. Now THAT for me was very, very cool.

Prizm: The idea of not having to use Bluetooth (so no lag) or wireless. Funded by Kickstarter, the device streams music from the cloud. The company has tied up with services like SoundCloud, Deezer and Spotify and apparently it understands what you like and even suggests new music. Pretty cool if you want to listen to new stuff in the same genre, even allowing you to save something to the device if you love it and allowing it to synchronise with your own collection. And why not.

Rocki: Nope not Stallone. This one also streams from Spotify and Deezer but through your phone and your speakers. So you can have your own party with your own music. It’s a neat little device and comes in quite funky colours. I’m probably not selling as well as the guy did at Fresh but watch the video and the site. It made a lot of sense to me.

Some of the others were quite cool but did not really rock my world. But it might rock yours.



muzik -


An honourable mention because I am a sucker for a good cause are the funky, stylish headphones, LSTN. The headphones are really neat and I am assuming they are a really good quality but what makes me want to go out there and get one is the heart of the business: for every headphone they sell, the owners make sure one deaf child out in the back waters gets a hearing aid.

Now that is music to my ears.

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Addicted to Arabian love in a Frying Pan #MyDubai

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