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Fish take friday off too!

I love fishing. I love the whole exercise and the experience. The party the night before when we have a few drinks and chat about old trips and what we were going to catch and which lure would work best, etc. Packing food and drinks and of course, the all-important bait. Then there is the waking up at the crack of dawn with barely enough hours of sleep because contrary to our best intentions, we nattered till the wee hours of the morning.

So we swallow a brufen and a seasickness pill (just in case the hangover creates a problem), pack all the food, drinks, bait, sun tan lotion, lip balm, caps, et al and drive 20 mins to the marina.

It is a glorious day and we hope to get some kingfish that apparently feed in the early morning (hence the 6am start) and we trawl around to get some live bait so that we can get some kingfish but they're not only not biting but there is a flurry of activity around the ports (on a Friday morning?) leaving wakes everywhere for our very young captain to manoever around that results in a large splash on the bow drenching me, my handbag (one thing a woman has to take everywhere), another of our party (new to this high sea fishing lark) and our breakfast.

Result: two dead very expensive mobile phones. Mine is my life. Never mind. The fishing will make up for it.

It doesn't. Since we did not get any kingfish, we decided to hit the tankers to snag a few dorados for dinner. Yum. So we rigged up the bait and trawled around for the next four hours - up and down, spoke to a few other boats that were out too - nothing. We chatted, swapped lures, played some music, ate, napped, did all the things desperate anglers do and continued to hope. Nothing.

And then out of the blue, the whir of the line. Yippee - we had hooked something. Bish took the line - and the reel turned out to be a dodgy one. Fortunately the fish was young and had no experience either so it did not put up much of a fight - and we used gloves to bring in the fish by hand. It wasn't huge but it wasn't too shabby either and it was a good starter, we thought.

Another couple of hours and we decided to go back closer to shore and try for the sailfish that had been reportedly jumping all over the place. Not one splash. By now, the other boats that had been on the phone to us, had given up and gone back. Ever optimistic, we persevered.

Just when we were about to give up, we saw a splash. We headed straight for it. And some very large tuna - yellow fin - were leaping out of the water. At last, we had a chance. Not likely. As we slowed down to tempt them with our bait, the tuna disappeared. The captain even took out his fly rod. No luck.

So we headed back with one dorado - that cost us the hire of the boat for 10 hours, 4 anglers, a captain and one crew, and 2 mobile phones.

Bish (one of the other anglers) has a theory. In the past, when we have fished on a Saturday, we caught fish. But the two times, he went fishing on a Friday, it was pretty poor fishing. To prove his point, my friend Carol (another angler) called me the day after our fishing trip to say that a friend had raised a few sailfish that morning.

So maybe he's right, fish take the day off too.

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