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Fermented Grape Juice and Scrabble

I beat my two clever clog friends at Scrabble this weekend. I surprised myself. I just got lucky I think. We did have the assistance of a clever document Carol had downloaded for all of us to refer to in doubt - Sowpods.

Carol questioned my luck theory - three times in a row - but I still think that though I am very fond of words - I did get lucky with the letters I drew. Also, she reckons that I hadn't partaken of too much of the "fermented grape juice" - I thought half a bottle was pretty good going.

The next day I had a phone call from another friend (who lives in Dibba) and he reckoned it was because I was Indian. He suggested that we Indians just remember words the rest of the world forgot. He might well be right. Where did "constrains" and "equipage" come from? Too much Jane Austen I think.

Anyway, we're up for a rematch this weekend, I think. I have to find time to do some SOWPOD reading because I am sure Carol will. Ian probably just knows them. Clever sod.

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