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Feeling blessed

Ma, Dadi and Dadubhai and me Good morning. Today I celebrate a milestone (of sorts). I'm 60. I need to say that aloud because my body reminds me occasionally but my brain and heart refuses to believe. But this post is about the wonderful family I have in my life and the strength that I get from them, especially to the strong and wonderful women in my family.

Starting with my mom. She was a girlie, girlie and yet when mothers (in the 60s) were teaching their daughters household chores (she was a fantastic cook), she taught me to change a bulb and replace a fuse in a fuse box. She would have loved to have me love the beautiful dresses she tailored for me (she was a very good dressmaker), she never disuaded me from climbing trees, scraping my knee, playing cricket, cowboys and robbers with my brothers' friends. And yes she hid my expensive dolls so I would not take them apart to see what made them tick. She taught me not to be afraid of standing your ground (we hid our muslim neighbours in our house during a really bad hindu-muslim riot in the 60s in Telco till my father could arrange transport to get them to safety).

Ray family cousins

To my paternal grandma, aunts and cousins - I come from a family of strong female role models that have shown me the strength is in being independent without compromising on family values. And while most of them are gone, a couple of these role models are alive and well while others abide through the wonderful children I am privileged to call my cousins.

And now its my cousins (both men and women) that, I have to say proudly, continue to inspire me with their professional achievements and the strong sense of family. I am grateful to them for taking time to share their lives and their values and achievements with me.

But the men in my family are not to be forgotten. They have stayed hand in hand in supporting all that we are and want to be without forgetting who they are and what they want to be. I thank them all.


Off the beaten path in #Dubai

Off the beaten path in #Dubai

A magical experience

A magical experience