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Exhausted but pleased

It was an exhausting but very satisfying day at the Fujairah Country Fair yesterday. It was a culmination of a over a month's worth of preparation by all our trekkers lead (bulldozed?)by Carol who did a great job of preparing the master plan, having a vision and the courage of conviction to rope us all into it. Thank you Carol for the endless hours of emails, meetings, artwork, planting, selling, planting, printing, designing, emails and more meetings. I think on behalf of all the trekkers we can safely say - it would not have come together without your leadership.

Next we have all the coordinators that were charged with their areas of the fair and who helped to put all of the individual bits together. All our trekkers put heart and soul into the project and roped in friends, colleagues, students from sorting out the entertainment to the games, the potting, planting, baking, jam-making, chasing fire trucks, bouncy castles, organising the camel or just plain cajoling people to donate money to the cause.

It is very heartwarming to see the generous spirit of people even in these times that they can help support a good cause and donate freely from what they have. Strangely - the less they have the more they want to give. So thank you to all that donated so generously.

A language problem at home

Why am I surprised