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Everest Base Camp - Update

Its day 3 and we are in Namche Bazaar which is 3400 meters above sea level. Yesterday I knew exhaustion like I had never known before - it was sheer mental strength, diamox and some very encouraging sherpas that got me up the steepest climb. I am told that this was the hardest bit of the trip. Why don't I believe them. But the rest sounds a lot more gradual.

The views are breathtaking beginning with the flight to Lukla in a twin prop from Kathmandu. We landed on an airstrip that is inclined upwards and its a lot of skill getting us there. But we made it. The trek to Phakding (our first stop) was not so bad but I had a bit of a dodgy stomach (I reckon its nervousness that does it) and Imodium helped but I also think the sudden altitude shift to 2600 meters did not help either. Started taking Diamox before our trek to Namche Bazaar. Amazing scenery and vistas. Gorgeous birds and plants - had a twitcher with us so we saw some interesting birds and once I showed him how to use my camera - got some great pics too.

Today was mostly a rest day to let our bodies acclimatise.

More when I next get to a computer.

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