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Elephants like style too

My friend, Carol, and I are (ahem) generously proportioned. Urmm, more than generous... Okay we are fat. Both of us are bohemian-ish - more her than me but we have our stylish moments and also like to indulge occasionally. We both used to frequent the same hair stylist - very expensive but they used to be really good. She still goes there 3-4 times a year and I've just stopped.

One of the reasons is her recent trip there to get a cut and colour. This is her story as she said it on the phone. Her words, not mine.

Elephant goes to hairdresser for cut and colour. Colourist sits her down and has a look. Elephant suggests that stylist looks at notes from previous visits and points out which one she would like the colourist to use and very categorically says she wants something stylish andsubtle. Colourist goes to work.

Two hours later - wash and then the stylist comes in and looks at the elephant from all angles and decides what she would like to do and goes snip, snip. Both colourist and stylist step back and look really pleased with themselves.

Elephant looks in the mirror and sees glaring zebra stripes on her head and a cut that - less said the better. So - four hours later and a few choice hundred dirhams shorter - a very unhappy elephant leaves the salon.

Just because we are fat and fifty doesn't mean we can't look and feel good!!

Message to all skinny stylists - we used to be very skinny and with it once and you will be fat and fifty some day (sooner than you think). Lets hope you have a sense of humour to go with it too!! You'll need it.

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