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Earth Hour: Why just an hour; why not all the time

Street lights This post was supposed to have gone on Earth Day but like every post in my head - it needed to reach explosion point and edges sorted before it gets into this blog. Don't ask. That's my process (if I can call it that).

Some would say an hour is better than nothing. True. I notice that a lot (not all) of them do that token one hour, and, for the rest of the year, have all the lights blazing. I know there are superstitions (about jinns) which is why almost all the villas here have bright lights blazing all night.

And let me not get started on the corporate side of things. It hurts me to see wastage. Everytime I drive past Mirdif City Centre to the airport at strange hours - its lit up like a Christmas tree. I see stadium lights ablaze even when there's nothing on. There couldn't be anything on at midnight (except during Ramadan). I know it looks pretty but such an unnecessary waste.

What saddens me is that keeping it going all the time would actually SAVE MONEY. I don't believe anyone that says they don't like saving money.

So here are my suggestions to Municipalities and public sectors like malls, etc.

Street lights: I have to admit (as a driver) these are very important especially main highways but between the hours of 1am - 5am, when there is very little traffic, surely you could switch off every alternate streetlight.

Malls and public areas: When its past closing time, why have ALL the light blazing?  Where possible just have minimal lighting from 1 hour after closing hour to 1 hour before opening hours. If you could afford it, have motion-sensored lighting. Which would mean that the lights only come on when it senses movement.

On a personal level, all the usual rules apply. DEWA, for instance, has excellent tips on its site on how to save money and conserve energy.

Feel free to add, share and plagiarise my ideas. As long as you promise to keep it going and not wait for another Earth Hour.

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