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Don't rely on AAA - they can't help you

My faith in human nature is constantly reaffirmed. For the few that are selfish and unthinking, there are so many more generous souls out there.
Today - in the middle of the Dibba-RAK highway on my way back after a week's conference in Al Aqah and my car broke down. I tried calling a few people on the sleepy east coast but they could not help me. I called my brother. My brother hopped into his car immediately and started making calls etc while I called AAA hoping they would be able to help me. The guy in charge was so incompetent - it was untrue. So I called Wael of AutoConvenience. What a difference.


I immediately had a call from Tarek, who organised and called people to meet me and help to tow the car. He followed my brother to find out exactly where I was. Within 2 hours, both were here. Tarek took my car and asked me not to worry but just go home and wait for his call. Now that is what I call true service. Its a new business but it has promise. They are reasonable, courteous, responsive and offer a service that, at this point, is not available anywhere in the UAE.


While I waited, there was a time when people would have stopped to find out at least if there is something they could do and I was surprised that no one did. Except one man. Ali zipped past my car and a few moments later backed up to ask me what was wrong. He opened the bonnet to have a look. He spoke very little English. I had no Arabic but he offered to wait with me while Bish (my brother) and Tarek got to me. He asked me to sit in his car, gave me something to drink and when I ran out - he wanted to take me to his family so I could be with his wife. I very politely turned him down because it would worry Bish. He understood. He had no reason to wait and yet he did.


Ali, I don't know your last name or where you are but thank you for being such a wonderful generous soul.

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