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Don't judge a book by its cover

Freedom is such a hip word for us. What is freedom? It's not tangible and it means nothing. I feel more liberated in my burkha than the woman who has to think everyday what she will wear and if it is good enough and if people will judge her on her clothes; I am more free than that woman who makes friends on the basis of how expensive her accessories look. I can wear the same clothes 20 times and nobody will know. You can be in a prison and you can be free. It's all in your mind. Freedom is just like happiness: a state of mind.

I am a big fan of Masarat's and this post reflects a lot on what I have begun to realise about the burkha.

Let me say outright - I am not Muslim. I DO NOT wear a burkha/hijab/niqab. But the thought of not worrying about what I'm wearing - whether its good for my image or will it offend someone or take away from who I am and what I stand for - is liberating.

I am not saying that it is for everyone but I think we should stop and think. The Hijabi woman is no different than women everywhere. They are living what we preach so often - don't judge a book by its cover.

The debate will rage on and there are some deep issues that need to be dealt with and I will not even begin to touch that topic but on the question of the hijab, I think its time we moved on and stopped focusing on that.

Caught in the middle

Take a bow, Carol Hyland, you should be proud