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Dinner time and the living is easy

Dinner time and the living is easy


Sorry about the headline but its apt. And every time I think dinnertime (I know the original song is summertime) - that jingles in my head. Okay, enough. I hate going to supermarkets. I do this weekly (given my hectic work schedule). Even though I make a list (most times), I always end up with more than I need. When it comes to the fruit and veggies side, I usually shop with some menu in mind (has to be simple) and more often than not - one pot - and by the time I've got home, I have promptly forgotten what I had planned. I do like cooking and watch all the cooking shows - especially Masterchef. Though my skillsets are a bit limited.

My Twitter and PR friend Caroline has been waxing lyrical about DinnerTime and invited me to try them out. So I am this week. So far, the experience has been quite satisfying. I did a post on a cooking event with DinnerTime earlier.

The whole experience of confirming the menu and then setting the delivery date and time was easy to set up. I have now signed up for the weekly deliveries - AED 280 per week for a Standard dinner box for 2 (there are options for 4 persons too) -  and it comes with everything bar a few handful of ingredients. These (ingredients you need to have at home) are highlighted when they send you the menu which comes by email in the beginning of the week prior to delivery, giving you the option to opt in or out. Once you have signed up (for confirmed weekly delivery), they do allow you to skip weeks if you are travelling or for any other reason but you need to let them know.

They deliver every Sunday. The veggies and other stuff like tinned tomatoes etc come in a cardboard box and the rest of the ingredients like fish, chicken etc come in a cool bag with an ice block. The printed recipes are easy to follow. The ingredients also come with storage instructions.

Its nice to know that they use sustainable produce and support local businesses. I specifically asked about the fish because I feel very strongly about NOT eating Hammour and was reassured that they only use sustainable produce. For me that is very important.

The menus are set for 30 mins cooking time and (so far) it seems to include prep time. Quite simple. I like the fact that I am learning new recipes that I will use again. I am excited and happy to do the cooking since I know it does not take a lot of time. Sorry did not take any photos. But trust me - they were delicious and healthy and quite balanced.

On a different note, things that would be useful would be:

  • Expiry dates so that we could manage the recipes accordingly i.e. ideally I should have done the chicken roast first because that is the one with the leafy veggies - next week will look at all the recipes before deciding what to cook first
  • If the ingredients needed to be stored in plastic like leafy vegetables came to us wrapped in plastic; since they wilted a bit by the time they got to us
  • An option to exchange and return the cardboard container and cool bag to ensure we are being environmentally friendly (will probably hand over mine when I get delivery next week)
  • Access to electronic recipes (it could be only for logged in users and restricted to ones that we ordered); a sneaky recipe for public view every now and then may sway a few new folks to try them out (could I have the recipe for the 1-minute chocolate cake please?)

Overall, its a highly recommended service. Especially if you like having a decent meal and don't have enough time on your hands. Saves you a weekly visit to the supermarket - this week my weekly grocery shopping bill fell to just buying eggs, bread and some fruits for breakfast etc.

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