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Defending our reputation

As one of my favourite PR practitioners is wont to say, PR is about creating and managing a reputation of a client. As a PR agency, you take the onus of ensuring that your clients’ best interests are looked after, with the faith that they will look after yours. In the most part, this is true.
What happens when they don’t? When their ethics don’t match yours and as time goes by, you realise that you are being conned by the client or they are not as forthcoming as they should be. Suddenly it is your own best interests and reputation on the line.
What should be your strategy then? They could do the same to another agency or company.  There has to be a balance between ensuring that you do not besmirch another company at the expense of ensuring fair play. As part of the industry, should we not share information to prevent another agency from undergoing the same experience we have with a particular client. Or a supplier for that matter.

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