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Day 9: Goodbye Sweden, hello Amsterdam

Today was a relatively short day spent for the most part travelling. Travelling on the Swebus from Vasteras to Arlanda to get my flight to Amsterdam; spending time in the Priority Pass lounge waiting for the flight since I got there quite a bit early. Tried to get my tax rebate but realised I hadn't sorted the paperwork. Ah well! Next time. Quite useful to remember so that next time you travel to Europe, you can get some of your money back.

Anyhow - was a short 2 and a bit hour flight to Amsterdam. Arrived around 3, hopped on the hotel shuttle and made it to the hotel to meet my favourite nephew, who I had not seen in around 3 years. So we nattered quite a bit to try and catch up on news. A friend of his joined us. We had a cup of tea and left to meander around the surrounding streets. Our hotel, NH Carlton was smack bang in the middle of the town centre and very very conveniently located. Reasonably costed and quite comfortable. With free Internet,

We found a lot of souvenir shops and food outlets including quite a few 'cafes' around the area. So I know where I need to go to get a bit of kitsch for the family and friends. We opted to do a canal tour that left every half hour. Amsterdam is quite fascinating.  The tour was nice - not so sure about the multilingual commentary - you could barely understand what was being shared. But the city is interesting and fascinating. And thanks to Wikipedia, you could get most of the info on the highlights of the city online anyway.

I opted for an early night but the boys have 'gone' out again to paint the town red or whatever colour they fancy. Tomorrow, we're booked on a food tour by a couple of young girls that have just started a new business: Hungry Birds.

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