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Day 7 - Sweden: Cars, Farms and allergies

Yesterday was a first for me. I had a severe allergic reaction to something in the air in Köping - don't know what it was but it made my eyes swell and water and brought on the sneezes. Luckily Crystal had some Benadryl. Now that I've got that out of the way, I can talk about the day before I went all wonky. Started quite leisurely - after all it was the start of the weekend but both Magnus and I are early risers. We made our way to the Farmers market. I knew this would be cash only purchase so for the first time in my holiday, I had to get some cash. Because this city uses cards most of the time and you can sometimes ask the cashier at the stores for cash advance, there don't seem to be the need for ATMs around here. We eventually found one near the town centre that had some cash.

I love farmers markets - they are interesting. It was still a bit early. Usually you could get some local artisans too but this market was for local produce. So there were lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, honey (including ones flavoured with lime and eucalyptus); jams and cheesecakes and freshly baked bread. I wish there was a way I could carry some of that produce with me. Unfortunately, I still have a few days left in this holiday. So I compromised with a jar of rhubarb marmalade with a hint of some South African liqueur.

We walked around sampling some of the goodies on display. Crystal bought some fresh beans and other veggies as well as potatoes. Its the kind of market that inspires you to eat fresh food and come up with new recipes and to cook. At least it does me.

We then (reluctantly) made our way back to the car and drove around to Köping (pronounced shepping according to Magnus) and headed for some lunch and the car museum. Well as you know now, I developed some sort of allergic reaction to the air in Köping - must have been some kind of pollen or something. Never had it before.

Anyway, after a pill and lunch, I was beginning to feel a bit better. So we stopped at the car museum. Briefly. Because while the museum was stunning, I wish there was some of the information in English. But there were some very nice cars. My particular favourite was this purple one - can't remember the label on the car so if any car enthusiasts want to enlighten me please do. There was a separate display dedicated to Saab but nothing special for Volvo. Of course, I had to get a small souvenir for my car-crazy grandson (a petrol head at 2).  Oh did I mention, I snuck these photos because apparently we were not supposed to photograph them.

The rest of the day was spent sleeping off the effects of Benedryl.

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