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Day 6 - Sweden: A trip down the culture lane

Yesterday was a day for culture and the history of lifestyle and habits. We started at our usual leisurely pace and drove over to the Vallby Open Air Museum - lovingly nicknamed the fruit loops museum (you'll understand when you see the Swedish name) by Crystal and me much to the amusement of Magnus. Its quite well done up over a large area of space - set up and run by people dressed up in the costumes of the 1800s. Great place for kids with live animals being looked after in the farm just like they did before. For someone like me there were crafts shops run by local artisans making glassware, jewellery, ironwork and pottery using old equipment. Some very exquisite pieces. Unfortunately not air travel friendly.

We picked up Magnus and headed to a Viking village in Frosaker which I understand was being rebuilt. It was a very small area and a bit underwhelming. So we left and went over to Anundshög where we had a nice light lunch. It was beginning to get quite hot (relatively speaking) and we decided to duck back home for a little shade and rest before joining Magnus' sister for a very nice leisurely dinner. A very pleasant evening where we talked of holidays, milestones, families et al as one is wont to do. I might have committed to going to Machu Pichu in 3 years' time.

We shall see.

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