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Day 5 - Sweden: Meandering through the suburbs

Yesterday was a slow and meandering day - very chilled, very holiday.  We (Crystal and I) meandered through the back roads out of Vasteras towards Tido Slott (castle in case you'd forgotten from my earlier post). It was a beautiful drive, and there was some stunning scenery - very idyllic - that we drove through, clear blue sky with the odd fluffy cloud dotting it, horses and cows grazing in the meadows, red brick houses. You get the picture. I am presuming since the days are long everything here opens after 10 in the morning and some of the sightseeing only after 11 (if we're lucky) or 12 noon (which is officially lunch time for folks here).

Tido Slott was gorgeous and like a lot of large estates around here - there are no manicured gardens but the natural forest just grows around these places. Its just beautiful. We drove around and walked - found the ruins of a 13th century church in the middle of the growth. It was beautiful. The folks here (through the ages) are very good at using material that seem to last like the wood they used for their furniture inside Stromsholm Slott or the Vasa or some of the buildings around town and the countryside.

We picked up Magnus and went for lunch to a small 'fast food' place in an area called Asby in Hallstahammar. Very idyllic surroundings in the midst of forests and canals - used to be the way they transported iron on barges I am told. We walked up and down the pathways while Magnus photographed the countryside for his site of stunning B&W photographs.

We drove on to Ramnäs where the old ironworks were and (probably) still are. There was a collection of sheds that now hosted several artists including Smedja Levay - a guy creating beautiful artistic work from iron. If I could've carried it, I would have bought something but my favourites are the giraffes or these decorative items; there were some pottery and some hand made rugs etc too.

From Ramnäs, we drove to Skultuna mässingsbruk - I had been there on a previous trip and so was really looking forward to it. In addition to the brass works museum - there are three small shops and a cafe - beautiful stuff.

We finished the day with dinner by the lake - Östermälarstrand Restaurang. The food and the company was fabulous but for me the starter was the highlight.

The weekend starting tonight would be about meeting Magnus' family.

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