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Day 3 - Sweden: Kings and Castles

Today we (Crystal and me) made it to Strömsholms-slott (castle to you and me) after a morning catching up on work, starting off a curry that would be good and properly yummy for dinner time.

Sweden has a lot of castlesand in the area around Vasteras alone - there are two main ones that I know of - the one in the centre of town (that was closed yesterday) and Stromsholm where we went today. The drive out of Vasteras towards Stronsholm was lovely - bright sunshine, blue skies, light breeze and different shades of green everywhere.

There were quite a few of the original buildings around the castle still around including the original kitchen which is now a cafe that served some very simple meals, cakes, tea and coffee- Fika country. We had time to kill since the English tour (according to the web site) started at 3pm. So we followed tradition and had some cake and coffee (or fruity tea in my case).

The lovely tour guide (it was just me and Crystal in the group) was very informative, enthusiastic and very knowledgable. She was also very very patient since we both asked a lot of questions. Learnt a lot of the kings and queens of Sweden and the lineage (don't ask me to repeat but there's a pretty good update on Wikipedia) but the decor in the rooms were quite spartan but the furniture is still standing even after 300+ years and its some pretty good furniture in very good condition, considering its wood. As my mom (rest her soul) used to say, they made them to last in those days.

Was a very satisfying day. Tomorrow its the big capital. I travel by train (love trains) and am hoping to go on a walking tour around the old town, Vasa museum and if time permits, the farmer's market. So I'm off to do some quick research.

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