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Day 2 in Sweden - more chillaxing

Today we had made some careful plansbut it all went by the wayside. We had an indulgent latte and some treats while waiting for the shops to open to get a SIM card. du charge 50Dhs per day for 100Mb of data so I opted for a Fastpris package from Comviq - around AED200 with 3Mb of data. I know a bit indulgent but then I'm addicted to social media - what can I say. It was bought over the counter with NO paperwork.

We had plans to visit Vasteras Castle but it was closed for some renovation and would not open till August. We passed the Turbine House which was locked too. We walked across to the City Hall and walked around the area looking for the museum. A quick trip to the local tourist office and we discovered that both museums - the county one and the art one - were now housed in one place and closed for upgrades.

So we went to the a local shop called form gruppen set up by a group of local artisans and craftsmen - every thing was handmade and exquisite. There were some very quirky stuff - might go back later in the week before I leave.

Met up with Magnus for a very heavy lunch, a bit of a rest and went for a stroll near the harbour in the evening.

Stockholm will wait another day it would seem - there are more castles, a car museum and a mine to explore.

Day 3 - Sweden: Kings and Castles

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