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Day 1 in Sweden

There is no way that my blog posts are going to be anything like Karla's - she does a fab job of keeping us in the loop but I will try and do regular posts on my trip. First - KLM  is a great airline. Fab service, decent fares, and the hostesses are just that - hostesses: friendly, always smiling and ever helpful. What a change from the permanent grouchy and patronising attitudes of the hostesses on Emirates or for that matter, any of the Middle East airlines. Its amazing how pleasant a flight can be when you get service, courtesy and kindness.

Transited through Schipol - it was hot but quite painless. My second time in Arlanda and I'd forgotten how small the airport is. Of course it meant that the process of getting out of the airport was faster. My friends Magnus and Crystal were are the airport to pick me up. They had a special day planned for me.

Angso Fisk Summer Platter

We started with a drive to Ängsö to a fish market and cafe that has been keeping promoting sustainable fishing. There was a fish counter that had both fresh fish and smoked fish including eels - all smoked right there in the property. The cafe uses freshly caught fish and prepares daily dishes that were yum. We had fresh shrimp sandwiches (open sandwich with a freshly baked wholewheat bread, tons of shrimps, home-made mayonnaise, and a green salad) and a summer platter (smoked salmon, green salad, potato salad, smoked shrimps) -huge repast but absolutely delicious. Bella (the dog) had the leftovers.

We followed up with a "fika" at Yellow Stables or Gula Stallet (in Swedish) is the very idyllic farm like cafe with picnic tables outside and a full menagerie of dogs, ducks, chickens and rabbits hopping around. A very friendly hostess that showed us around. I had the most delicious beetroot cake with a topping to die for along with a chocolate brownie washed down with some of the strongest coffee I have ever tasted.

I think the food on the web site sounds quite amazing but did not have any space after our very early lunch. Of course the drive around the countryside was just stunning shades of green and blue with light fluffy clouds.

We got back to the flat around 2ish and by then I was seriously flagging and struggling to stay awake. A quick nap and a shower fixed that.

Tomorrow: Vasteras' viking museum and getting a local SIM card. Going through all the brochures and leaflets that Crystal has collected. Don't think one trip is going to do it but I'm going to give it a good try.


Day 2 in Sweden - more chillaxing

Is age just a number?