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Creative genius


All my friends and family know that its my youngest son's birthday today. At least I think they do. June and July are expensive months for me and the family - especially now that my son is in my life again (that's another story). Started with my grandson (17 June), me (26 June) and now Partha (7 July). So our resident creative genius (Dhanashree or Dhanu as we all call her) put her thinking cap on. Actually its always been on. She surprises you with her creativity.

Today to celebrate Partha's birthday, she recruited all of us to create a scavenger hunt at home with 31 gifts for his 31st birthday. From mundane things like a new toothbrush to sweets to essential items like shampoo and underwear - things that would not put any of us out of pocket, make it interesting as well as fun and practical.

She saved money on gift wrapping by recycling and reusing the various types of bags and containers she had - plastic, cloth, paper, even the humble shopping bags from grocery stores!

There were clues to help him locate each gift, guess, unwrap and move to the next. The last one was his favourite gulab jamuns - home made and plenty of them. Hope there are a few left for us.

I am sure when Dhanu is ready for work, I would be happy to get her to use her creativity for business that want creative ideas for very strained budgets.

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