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Monaco 3

Monaco 3 (Photo credit: davharuk)

I come to Monaco every year. Sounds very la-di-da. My trip is not quite so glamorous.

For one - once I am in the hotel, everything is about the event - and setting up and keeping it running smooth. In the nine years I've been coming here, I have not seen anything of Monaco. For one, its too expensive to stay here (the organisers pay for me to stay here for the event). I could stay in Nice and look around or take trips. Nah - it doesn't fascinate me that much.

Second: there is so much work leading up to the event that our days start officially at 7am for breakfast and does not finish till all the paperwork and prep work is done for the next day around 10-11pm. For me thats even longer because the first couple of days - I'm up at 4 because my body clock is on Dubai time.

I'm not complaining because I love coming here. Despite the cold, (its toasty in the hotel), the weather is gorgeous and we get to see the sunrise and sunset because we're right by the sea. The team are such fun to work with too - work with them in the event in Fujairah every year too when they travel to Dubai. There are parties for the guests that we could join in but it gives me time to catch up with emails etc. We also enjoy the opportunity for some very nice wine and champagne that you don't get in the UAE in the special shops. 

Besides its nice to see a flicker of green when I name drop Monaco!


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