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Being paperless

I had a very interesting conversation with a new client this morning.
I send a monthly report that includes coverage received that month, a
bit of analysis, some recommendations etc. Its all electronic - I am a
strong believer in the paperless office.

Client: thank you for the report but can we have the hard copy please

Me: How do you mean hard copy? Do you mean a print out of all the articles?

Client: Yes

Me: But you have all the information and the links so you can print it
if you really need to but its easier to share electronically - less
time and energy. I don't believe in hard copy.

Client: But lets do it this month and next month onwards we can have
it electronically

Me: No, I believe in starting as I mean to go along and want to
encourage ALL my clients to be as paperless as they can

Client: *Laughs embarrassingly and changes topic*

This is not the first time. Clients (or others for that matter
suppliers too) are continuously confused when I hand them something
printed on re-used paper. They are too embarrassed to say anything but
I note the surprise on their faces. Why? Its a global community these
days and I cannot understand how someone living and working here can
be unaware of issues like being environmentally friendly.

Its not just a few sheets of paper, its the waste that I object to. If
I had succumbed based on 'customer is always right' rule, they would
have had one look and then either consigned it to a pile on the desk
or in the bin. What a waste.

This is a new client and lives and works in the 20th century with
faxes and triplicate copies. Time they moved to the 21st century.

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