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Being broke these days is not so bad!

Many might say that this is clear - broke is when you have no money, right? Wrong! Many people define this differently - depending on how they use the term or what feels broke "in their mind".

My own definition has been redefined over the years. When I first came to Dubai - perhaps till about 8-10 years ago this would be true - broke was when I really had no money in the bank and perhaps around 100 in my pocket to last me till payday! I remember those days and am glad they are behind me. It never made me parsimonious then and never will ever.

These days if I have less than a couple of hundred towards the end of the month in any of my accounts - notice the plural - I feel a bit bereft. Still its a little less uncomfortable to be broke these days.

Over the Hill? Not a chance

Hope I never learn this lesson