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Becoming zen at the #SharjahCrawl

In case you missed the announcement, I've moved to Ajman. Yeah skipped the whole Sharjah-I-am-almost-in-Dubai-not. Now one of the considerations was the legendary traffic which I have now nicknamed the #Sharjahcrawl. Because that is what you do no matter which of the roads you think you're taking to avoid it. Ittihad. E311. E611. Pfft.


I have the luxury of running my own business, so I knew I could juggle the times. And in my line of work, as long as I have a phone and Internet, I can pretty much work anywhere. Hence the 20Mbps line at home (Ajman) that I have to harangue Etisalat every now and then to deliver on (another post when I get really frustrated). So I do have a few routes that I've worked out that does shave around 15-20 mins during peak hours (no, I'm not sharing them here - I'm selfish like that) but if I have to come into the office in Dubai, I leave after 9am (I get in a couple of hours work between 6-8am) and then hit the "crawl" either around 4.30-5 or after 9pm.

In the meanwhile, when I really, really have to use the MBZ during peak-ish hours, or get stuck because some idiot driver has forgotten his 'lessons' or thinks he's clever (its always the men), then here are a few things I've learnt that help me get through it.

  • Catch up on phone calls courtesy of Bluetooth in the car: at least its good use of my time
  • Phone-in to The Agenda and join the conversation
  • Plan on what I am going to do during the day
  • Appreciate the "snarls" on Hessa Street

Its now become my "me" moment.



Not just two slices