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Becoming a grandmother

In case I haven't shared this as yet, thanks to my son Partha, I am going to be a grandmother somewhere in June. Still not having (mentally) completely comprehended or adjusted to having my very grown up (30+) son back in my life (yippee), I also have to adjust to being mentally prepared to becoming a grandmother. 

Having Partha's (or Pepe as he was christened when he was a baby a la Asterix & Obelix in Spain) obsession with all things fatty and fast food - I am a bit worried about his impending fatherhood. He got all excited about a message his wife Dhanu sent him about the baby kicking when she talked about Domino's Pizza. Yikes! It got me thinking that this is what is going to carry on perpetuating one generations obsession with fast (unhealthy) food and passing on bad nutrition to the next generation. 

Fortunately for me, Dhanu is a sensible girl (thank God) and that might mean that my grandchild has a healthy future and will not be one of those over-stuffed obese kids. Now if only we could get my lovely son to go easy on the overstuffing on fast food....

New toys

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