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Amsterdam - not for geeks

Maybe it's just me but after 'well connected' Sweden, I'm struggling with Internet without incurring silly Du bills. The city grabs me on so many levels (except geeky ones) and I wish I had a few more days to explore. The NH Carlton is a nice hotel - centrally located. I have to move rooms this morning to help out a handicapped guest since my room is geared for the handicapped. Quite a lot of space. I've been promised a very special room.

You don't need to go far for anything. Everything is either walking, cycling or tram away. Forgotten how nice it is to travel on a tram. Went for a tram ride this morning to explore the city a bit more and to locate the place for our meeting for the food tour. Its a sleepy city - not much happening at 7am but I bet it was hopping last night.

The highlight of our day has to be the food tour so looking forward to it.

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