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A surprise around every corner

This weekend (4-5 Jan 2008) I visited my friend Carol in Khor Fakkan and decided to give the turtles in Khor Kalba a visit. They live in one of the oldest mangroves in the country - and the place is known for its birds and wildlife and it was absolutely gorgeous.

As if that was not enough, on the way back to Fujeirah, we passed the old house of Sheikh Saeed AI Qassimi, now restored into a museum - and it was well set up to show some of the religious, cultural, links and customs. We were shown around by a very young, shy Emirati lady - nay a mere wisp of a girl - who was very knowledgeable and courteous and extremely patient with us.

I have lived here since 1989 but the country still has a lot of surprises - very pleasant ones at that!

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