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A short day in Singapore

Sitting at the Sats lounge in Changi airport before boarding my flight to Sydney. The laptop connected to the Internet briefly and then gave up. But I'll draft this post and then upload when I'm in Sydney. (PPS - had a hectic but pleasant day in Sydney but no time to post till now) Day one of my holiday was spent in Singapore. I had promised my friend Allan that I would visit. Its only taken me a little more than 10 years to keep my promise albeit it for one 'day'.

He picked me up and dropped me off at the hotel - and I use that term quite losely (or should that be loosely?). I normally use the words cheap and cheerful. This was relatively cheap (S$105 with taxes) but cheerful it was not. It was, however, clean and cockroach free. What more could I ask. I guess my expectations were more because for the same money - you'd get a much nicer hotel in Dubai and I've stayed in way better places in Nepal for that kind of money. But hey ho - lesson learnt well. Should have listened to my friend Allan. Next time I will.

There was no wifi but Allan lent me his 'mobile wifi router' with his data sim. Magic. I had free internet in my room - password enabled. He's given me the router so I can do the same whenever I travel or need to connect multiple devices to Internet. and some signal. He said he picked up the signal in the lobby of the hotel (I was on the second floor) when he came to pick me up for breakfast this morning.

Had a pretty interesting breakfast. Allan wanted me to have a 'Chinese' breakfast. Two types of dimsum, one flat thing with rice skin swimming in some very interesting soy based gravy, some fried wontons, sticky rice with pork steamed in pandan leaves, and pork buns that Paul and Karla were raving during their trip to Singapore. He wanted me to meet some friends of his that want to do business in the Middle East - so a bit of work too. And they had soft boil eggs (almost runny) with soya sauce and chilli sauce (the Singaporeans love their chilli) with toast. Interesting. If I hadn't been full, I might've tried some of that.

After the meeting, I checked out and tried to think of what I could do to kill time. Was supposed to meet Adam around 3pm - didn't happen. We kept getting our messages crossed. But will catch up when I return on 10th. Anyhoo, decided I'd do the river cruise since that would give me an 'overview' and I could then decide what to see or do if there was a bit of time. Unfortunatley, my cheap but not cheerful 'hotel' (and I still use that word loosely) did not do left luggage. So I lugged my suitcase (good thing I travel lightly) to the river boat. the guys there quite kindly opted to look after it while I took the cruise. Singaporeans are such kind generous souls. It was interesting - my favourite highlights the building with the multi-coloured windows (I wasn't paying attention to the tour highlights) and the the three buildings with the floating boat structure that had the dragon like buildings in front.

I decided to come to the airport early and check in and browse through the airport. The cabbie suggested I take the Skytrain and go to all terminals and see what they offered. If I had known there was a cinema and a museum - I would have gone straight there. Alas - next time.

Really excited about being in Sydney tomorrow. I love travelling to new places and its nice that I have family there that I haven't seen in more than 30 years.

Will try and do better about posting. I hear there's free internet at my cousin's house.

Planning the holiday

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