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A private conversation

I am confident that I am not the only one that has a private conversation with themselves - not the schizophrenic ones but a tamer version of the good versus lazy one. My chat with Rory Jones of WSJ on Thursday about diabetes and realised that as I get older, these private conversations dominate my time. But then I spend a lot of time on my own. Love it but not always the conversation.




Most mornings


The alarm goes off at 6am - though I have been awake but still in bed since 5.30. I peer at the phone, switch it off and think, "time to wake up".


Me: No a few more minutes then you have 2 mins to get ready and 20 mins to walk around the block and you should be okay for a cup of tea before getting ready.


Me: If I don't get up now, its not going to happen.


Me: Okay lets get a cup of tea and ponder this


Me: Oops - where did the time go? Its time to get ready and go to work


On a good morning


Alarm goes off, I switch off.


Me: Five more mins


Me: Nope not going to do that.


Get up, put sneakers on, sort a bottle of water, music and leave for a 20 min walk around the block.


Health matters:


Tooth ache


Me: I'm imagining things. Nothing a few pills can't resolve.




Me: I want that chocolate. Now what did I eat today and can I indulge in that piece of chocolate?




Me: Was that a twinge?


Me: No I'm imagining it.


Me: You should go to the doc - its been a while


Me: Nah - it will become much to real and I'll end up with more pills to take daily. I'll just remember to get up tomorrow and exercise.


These are my private conversations. For the most part, the head is out of the sand but I do have my moments.


2013 in review

2013 in review

24 years and counting

24 years and counting