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A pigeon coop for a king's ransom!

Moving house at the best of times is not a very pleasant task and these days it has become a norm here in Dubai rather than the exception. Time was when you went looking for a house that the landlord was happy to rent his house albeit on an annual basis as long as he was sure that (a) the tenant paid regularly; (b) stayed there for long ensuring a regular income and not the hassle of continuously looking for new tenants and (c) took good care of the house. Most of us - me included - were assured of a roof over our heads unless our circumstances changed that we continued to live in our villa/flat for periods as long as 10 years or so.

Thanks to greedy landlords and rising cost of living - I have to move to a smaller space that comprises of 2 "bedrooms"- one with enough room to swing a cat, a kitchen, 2 shower rooms/toilets, taking up as much space as the living room and a small study room in the previous house.

Ah well, a pigeon coop is better than nothing. Even if it costs me an arm and a leg. Who needs two of them anyway!

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