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A perfect Friday

Yesterday was a perfect friday for me. It had its mix of company, alone time, no pressure, just some good food, good company, good conversation and a lot of space.

A friend has a villa in the Green Community area that he entrusts me to keep an eye on, while he is away. He has also been asking me to test drive his new swimming pool. So I used this weekend as the opportunity to do so. Took my friends Magnus and Crystal as well as my brother Bish over to his house.

We bought a whole range of ‘grazing’ food – cold cuts, crackers, pate, cheese, etc (you get the drift) and laid it on the table as a smorgasbord for us to keep coming in and picking at it and going back to the pool. We spent most of the day in the pool. Surprisingly – it was not sticky and there was a slight breeze.

We finished with a light dinner. 

All in all - a perfect Friday.

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