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A litany of woes

I have to do this. My favourite telecom, #Du, is falling off its pedestal very quickly in the way it handles its customers and the level of after-service.
More often than not - they get it right and we have no problems but the last couple of weeks has been a nightmare. Okay thats an exaggeration but definitely not quite as kosher as it should be.
Woe number one
Someone mentioned that Du have some very cost effective packages for businesses and as a entrepreneur anything that saves money, creates better and more effective communications (especially since we are in that business) with my team, the media, our customers, interests me. So we explored. First try - we went to Du's office right behind our building. Admittedly it was on an off day but it looks like the guy who was on duty was having one too. He was probably one of the rudest sales person I have met. He was so blinkered that if you asked him a question outside his remit, he not only did not know the answer but neither did he know who to refer you to. So much for customer service. That was December 2010.
Thanks to our 'excellent experience' during our office move last year, we had been put in touch with some of the 'senior' management. It was probably not justified going to them but we thought we could use a bit of 'wasta' to hurry things along or get our answers. They 'assigned' someone to take 'care of our needs'. That was more than 6 weeks ago. We goaded them and drawing blood from stone got the packages - which hugely differed from what was advertised on their web site. So back and forth we went.
A friend (God Bless him) took it over and decided to help us put it together. Thanks to Du and their system we had to cajole them to do part delivery of the business packages.And the sim have not been activated though we were told they were. Tried calling Du customer service and was put on hold for 23 mins (yes we have a phone that clocks the time) and then hung up. So much for our call being important.
Woe number two
My new BB seems to suddenly be sending blank messages. As in I send messages but no one seems to be able to either receive them or they get blank messages. Called customer service and it was a long-winded conversation with someone with such a strong accent who said I would be called ASAP within 24 - 48 hours. Not ASAP in my opinion but obviously in theirs. I thought it would be a quick fix. I was wrong. So I'm not sending text messages. Got a call today that said they were technical support. Turned out to be back end customer service (whatever that means) who were just checking up on details. So now I have another 24-48 hours before another call "ASAP".
Woe number three
Your hotspot is the only one on the Metro and it does not give you enough time to log in the password you send by text to my phone. So my attempt to read or work on my journey was kyboshed.
So much for being connected.

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