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A harsh lesson at a very very young age

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Part of growing up is learning life's lessons but yesterday a very young (and perhaps silly as only young people can be) girl learnt a very harsh lesson that could have been made easier. I am not mitigating what young Ayesha wrote or that her apology, though contrite, was not so much about being sorry for what she'd done but the justification for her writing.


I am hoping though that with all the comments and feedback she has been getting on her post that she will realise that she is not the good, experienced driver she thinks she is but will learn from the Abu Dhabi Police session about braking distances and keeping to speed limits. I am hoping that she will really join the young footballer now spearheading his own campaign to push for safer driving on the road.


This post however is more about the editorial stance and policies of The National and its editor, Kevin Hackett. Mr. Hackett in his (very patronising) editor's note on the original post points out that "Of course, our blogs – unlike reported and edited stories – reflect the views of the reporters but not necessarily the policies or opinions of The National and its editors". That is, to put it mildly, utter tosh!


She is your intern, and as such, the original criticism and guidance for ALL posts under the National domain should have merited YOUR scrutiny before throwing her to the 'wolves'. At the age of 22 and when she is just learning her craft, you, Mr. Hackett, as the mentor, should have been the one to show her where she went wrong and not the rest of the world. Your comments not only on the blog but also on the Motoring Middle East's Facebook post, did just that. This not only discredits you but also the paper you represent.


Time for The National to take a closer look at its editorial policies and stop throwing your intern under the bus.


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