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A good Muslim

Over the 18 years I have been here in the UAE, I have realised that unfortunately a fair percentage of Muslims I meet here in UAE, regardless of nationality, use their religion as an excuse NOT to do a job where the few good ones have used their religion to empower them to doing more and being stronger - whether it is at work, or with friendships or indeed their life.

A "fake" Muslim:

  • uses insh'Allah to mean I really can't be bothered to do this now or ever unless I really am in a jam and have to
  • uses prayer times to get out of working or running away from responsibility
  • uses Ramadan to work even lesser hours than he/she is entitled to by law
  • uses the extra free time at Ramadan to sleep rather than pray and reflect

A true Muslim on the other hand:

  • uses insh'Allah to mean he/she has put their best efforts and the rest is truly in Allah's hands
  • uses Ramadan to continue the daily routine like any other day in the year
  • Pray when they are free without eschewing responsibilities

Fortunately for me, I know a few good Muslims.
Ramadan Kareem to them.

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