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A few options on Twitter

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I love Twitter - in case you missed that point but there are a few things I wish it had to make things a bit easier.

I wish they had a LinkedIn-like ability for someone following you to send a short DM to say why they're connecting with you and why it would be good for you to follow back. Just a short one-liner as an option. If they're worried about the spammers - they're doing it any way. I sometimes get followed by people I don't really know. Some of them don't have a proper profiles but if they had a way of messaging me with why or context, I might follow them back. 

I wish they had a Facebook's like button. Sometimes a tweet makes you smile and you don't necessarily want to RT it but you want to tell the original tweeter (tweep?) that you liked it anyway - a like button would be fab. Maybe platforms like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck or you know what I mean - could do just that.

I wish they would introduce a delete option for spam messages in the mentions (@). DMs you can delete - but spam mentions you just have to suffer. You get all excited there's a message and then - its just some spammy dweeb messaging you about something quite irrelevant! I get a lot of satisfaction reporting them as spammers but that doesn't get rid of the tweets in the timeline.

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