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A crash course in Russian!

My name is Mita and I am an addict of the PC and the Internet and of course my IT gadgets. But do they give you grief!

I made it to Russia but the ISP here that we are using has a cunning plan to make me take a crash course in Russian. Its a pretty countryside and the natives are friendly enough (at least the half dozen I came in contact with are), but everything from the signs to the World Wide Web is in Russian even!!

The bright lights at 5am got me up and sitting at my PC while the world sleeps. So I thought lets add something to my blog. Blogger had other ideas. The home site came up and, as usual, automatically logged me in and hey presto! its all in Russian. Now I am not quite a geek but I pride myself as being IT savvy (hey, I can download and install a printer driver and set it up in French just by knowing by habit where the buttons are - not knowing the language) but the blogger defeated me. It was unfamiliar territory, did not know of the links etc and terrified that I might lose everything.

So I did what any sane IT person would do - I surfed the Internet to search for info to set this right and get back to English but could I find the solution. Every site I tried (okay, okay I exaggerate!) either did not have the answer I needed, did not work or showed up in Russian. Great!!

Until my knight in shining armour turned up at 9 and gave me a guided tour to the buttons and what they meant and now I have English back again.

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